Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chapter 1: My interest is sparked

Riding a motorcycle to the Artic Circle is nothing new. The internet is filled with trip reports  documenting everything from failed attempts to epic adventures through the last great wilderness. Last year I started reading them. Reading these reports is enough to make anyone stop and entertain the idea of trading in their office chair and monitor for a motorcycle seat and a windshield.

 The unlimited number of variables and logistics can quickly become overwhelming. Which route do I take, How many people do I take, what about bike maintenance, cell phone coverage, tires, weather , wildlife, road conditions, emergencies, fuel, lodging and a host of other questions can easily make one deem the notion as just plain silly.  I also forgot to mention the biggest factor, Time.
  How much time do I need ?  This is a topic of great debate. For some it will always be a little bit more than they can afford to take off. If I had my choice the trip would be open ended with no time or financial restraints. I fantasize about being one of those guys that cash it all in, liquidate their belongings, and hit the road .The reason I haven't done that is pretty simple. I just don’t have the balls.  So much time is spent focusing on work, bills, and responsibilities that it seems the  time may never be right for such a large undertaking. Before you know it, this could be another item added to the long list of “I wish I would haves”. After sitting back and thinking for awhile I realized I was approaching the aspect of time all wrong . Instead of asking the question "How much time do I need?" I asked myself "How much time do I have? "

That answer is simple: 16 Days.

NEXT DAY: Chapter 2: The Research

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